How Much Teasing Can One Man Take?

Over on my Beg for Mistress Blog, I wrote about one tease stroker pet’s desire to find his limits. He truly had no idea if he had any limits when it came to teasing, edging, and being totally denied. And this exciting session was really hot for me. I absolutely love denying a man’s cock, teasing it more and more until it throbs, edging that cock until it just pulses over and over, and even doing a series of unfulfilling ruined orgasms before leaving the stroker completely and totally denied!

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Mistress Delia

How Much Teasing Can YOU Take?

Well, I guess you would not be here at Teasemafia if you just wanted a quick orgasm, now would you? No, you know extreme cock control can enhance your life! So of course, being the cocktease I am, I have come up with a similar teasing test for you. Here is what I expect:

  1. You will need 2 cock rings. One for the base of your shaft, and a second to go just under the sensitive head.
  2. You will stroke your favorite way, just stroking until you edge. You must edge for at least one hour or a minimum of 100 edges, whichever takes a longer time. I want you desperate!
  3. After the edging, you will milk those balls dry with ruined orgasms. The cock rings will help to scrunch and squelch all that cum, keeping it out of or trapped in your shaft. You will also thumb the hole to prevent any cum from escaping. I expect 3-5 ruined orgasms in a row.

You May Tease, Edge and Ruin, but you May NOT Cum!

There is NO orgasm when you play here at Teasemafia! But you already knew that stroker! Enjoy this assignment. Click the link for some audio motiviation for those ruined orgasms, and Visit My Blog for stories of how I LOVE to deny strokers!
Happy Denial!

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