Does This Get You Hot, Mistress?

Would you like to masturbate with Me?

I get asked that a lot by you horny , addicted strokers.  We’re on the phone, I’m guiding your masturbation, controlling your cock, teasing and edging you, and you ask if it’s making me hot…or excited…or wet.  Well, duh!  I’m a MILF cocktease and one of the things that gets me off is when you willingly hand over control of your pleasure to me.  Sometimes, if you’re a really fun pet, if teasing you has really amused me, I might even masturbate along with you.

A Devilish Tease

I think it adds just a little bit of extra special intimacy to our session.  I get out my lube and my vibrator, maybe even my Hitachi Magic Wand.  Oh, I won’t be getting naked – you’re the naked and needy slut in this scenario! – but I’ll hike up my skirt, and pull my panties to the side, and start running my talented fingers – the ones that drive you wild – over my throbbing, aching clit.  You can imagine watching while my other hand squeezes and massages my bountiful breasts, bringing me closer and closer to the one thing I deny you…an orgasm!

No Denial For Ms. Christine!

Oh, I’m going to tease myself.  I mean, that’s how I know how effective teasing is with you.  I might even edge once or twice.  You’ll hear my moans get more insistent, my breath come in short, quick gasps, as I push myself over the edge – all while I tell you to stroke harder, ride that edge of yours and under no circumstances can you cum.  Not until I’ve taken all I can from you, and brought myself off again and again, until I’m exhausted.  Then…maybe…I’ll give you the release I’ve already had.

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