Meredith TeasemafiaHello there stroker boys! I know you are begging to get started touching that hardness between your legs. you have been fantasizing about stroking for me all day and that thought has made you even more aroused. That feeling has been driving you crazy all day and the yearning has built up so much you feel like you just can’t take it anymore!

It’s alright, relax. Take a deep breath.

There! That’s better. Since you have been so good about waiting to get permission to touch yourself and stroke and you asked so politely, I will say: Yes! Yes, you may now start stroking that cock…but very slowly. I mean VERY slowly. That’s right, feel every inch of that hard cock as you run your fingers up and down that shaft.

Take a moment to lube it up right!

I know you have the lube handy so go ahead and be generous with it. Squirt it right on your stroking hand and layer it all over that cock. Add enough to make those hands glide across that cock, nice and smooth. It feels really great now, just how you anticipated it would be.

You are in the groove now

Since you are such a stroker boy  it was easy to get a rhythm going. I am watching as you man handle that cock and just stroke it as your hips grind. Now you are getting so close to the edge, I have to stop you and talk you down. The best way I know to do that is with a little help. I go to the freezer and voila!

Ice water!

That’s right, stroker. Just dip your cock into the cold, watery bowl. Oh, and don’t forget the balls, either! I just can’t help but laugh as your balls crawl up, practically inside you, trying to escape the arctic blast. It’s only been a few seconds but it is torture! The erection is long gone now. Poor stroker boy!

Grab a towel

and just wring yourself out. That is, if you can coax that cock out to do it! Let’s see if we can get that cock all nice and warm again with some more stroking. I believe it’s reacting to your touch now. Go ahead, start from the bottom and work it all the way up.

Keep that bowl handy just in case!

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