I’m here to tease your sissy clit!

I Love Teasing Panty Bois

I love my sissy panty bois!  And I love teasing them.  I like to start by getting them naked, and letting them kneel in front of me as I slowly raise my skirt so they can see my sexy panties.  Oh, do they get jealous!  It’s so hilarious when they beg to wear my panties.  “No, sissy, slut, you cannot wear mine! But I have a whole drawer for you to play with – and amuse your Mistress!”

Stroke Through Those Panties

That’s right, sissy stroker, slide those panties up your legs and over your sissy clit.  Now, watch me as I rub my clit through my panties and do what I do.  It feels so good, doesn’t it?  Oh, I know it’s making me wet, and oh my, it looks like you’re getting wet there too, aren’t you bitch?  Look at that wet spot on the front of your panties!  Oh, are you getting close?  Well, you can’t cum…but I’m sure going to!

Stroke With Those Panties

Oh!  That was wonderful!  Why don’t you slip those panties off, I want to see how excited that sissy clit is.  Hold those panties in your stroking hand and start rubbing that sissy stick.  Was that an edge?  Oh, you are such a slutty sissy, desperate to squirt after only two edges.  Well, you know how you’ve always left those women wanting, shooting off but never getting them to the promised land?  Well, I think you should learn how it feels, being left wanting and denied!  I am such an evil sissy cocktease, aren’t I?

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