I’ll guide your cock and you…

You Are A Chronic Masturbator

Face it, stroker, you have no control – NONE – over your cock.  Your cock controls you!  It gets hard, and instead of saying, “Down!  Later!”  you give into to your urges, find someplace private, and just start jerking off.  Since you can’t control your cock, you need a Masturbatrix to take control of it for you and get you back to being a productive member of society!

You Have No Imagination

That’s not exactly true.  You imagine a sexy woman like your Mistress naked, or sucking on your teeny, tiny penis or even – GASP – sliding it inside of her!  No, when I say you have no imagination, what I mean is that when the urge to stroke strikes, you just pound that pud – the same way, every time.  Wrapping your hand around it and stroking up and down, up and down.  A Masturbatrix will take control of that cock, and guide your masturbation.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, maybe just the shaft, run your palm over that head, or squeeze those balls!  It’s always something different.  Which leads me to my next point….

To Get The Most Pleasure From Your Equipment

Your cock doesn’t like to be teased, now does it?  When it wants to cum, it cums.  There’s no build-up, no prolonging the pleasure.  Not only are you “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” –ing your partners, you’re doing it to yourself.  A Masturbatrix isn’t going to let you shoot that load as soon as that first edge hits, or even the second.  She may tease you for hours, may even put you on a guided masturbation schedule where you are denied for days, weeks, perhaps even months, building up that desperation, turning those balls blue and achy – and giving you the most powerful, best orgasm you’ve had in a long time.  Maybe even the best one you’ve ever had!

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