Can you handle hours of a slow, torturous tease?

You’ll never guess where I am right now. Would you believe me if I told you I am writing this blog while in the bathtub? I’m lying here completely naked while talking to you.

I enjoy taking a long, sensual bubble bath. It feels so good on my skin, so nice and soft and so slippery. I’m taking my hands and rubbing them all over myself.

By reading these words here and now, you are by extension in my Roman tub with me…touching my long hair and caressing my bosom. Using your fingers to stimulate my pussy and get me even more wet.  And for you foot fetishists, rubbing my feet and kissing my painted red toes. Mmmm… it’s so hot!

If it’s okay with you I would like to give your cock a little lick…right on that spot…you know what I am talking about…on the underside just below the head, where it feels good to be stimulated. A soft, slow upward lick, barely touching you but enough to give your penis that oh so desired tingle. Would you like that?

I know your cock is twitching with excitement.

Can you imagine what that would be like? I know your cock is twitching with excitement. So get naked from the waist down, slowly. Now reach down and firmly grasp your stiff cock. Give it a couple of firm and satisfying strokes.  Now stop.  Smack the shaft lightly so I can hear you groan at the combination of pleasure and pain. Now grab your cock, at the base of the shaft, and pull those balls. You know you want to.  If not for yourself than for me.

Right now you are where I want you.  Near the brink of cumming. It feels so good, doesn’t it? I want you to continue to tease your penis for me.

Don’t stroke it.  Tease it.

Don’t stroke it. Tease it. Show me how hot you can make me by playing with yourself. We both know you enjoy teasing yourself for my pleasure. I realize you are trying so desperately to control your urges, but resistance has repeatedly proven futile.

So, are you feeling a little anxious right about now? Is it throbbing and getting harder and harder as you read further along? Now put a finger in your mouth and get it good and wet. Ready? Grab your cock. Now touch yourself on that little G-spot. Does it feel good?  Yes, of course, it does. I know how you think…I know what you lust for…I know you long for more teasing and torment.


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