Feel lucky stroker?

This One Takes Some Preparation

You just can’t start jacking that dick, stroker.  But you’re going to have to do some work first.  This is a photo tease.  If, when and how you get to cum all depends on these photos, and the roll of a 100-sided dice.  So, first, I’d google for the dice.  Now, you have to collect pictures from the internet and store them in a folder on your computer.  You will need:

  • 10 picks of your soft dick (I hope those aren’t on the internet!)
  • 10 picks of your hard dick (I hope these aren’t either.  I also hope you’re not a pindick, so you’ll be able to tell the difference between hard and soft!)
  • 35 pics of your favorite pornstars
  • 35 pics that involve cumming – (make sure there’s some cum covered guys in there as well!)
  • 10 pics of your crush (oh, are those me?  You’re going to make me blush!)

Number them all 1 – 100 in that folder by saving them as 1…2…3 and so on as you do that.  That way, you won’t know by looking at the file name which one is which. And shuffle around on number choices… no cheating!

Start Stroking

Masturbate however you normally do it.  You can watch porn, you can read my blog, you can listen to audios, or hang out on Enchantrix Empire.  Whatever gets you hot and horny.  Stroke like that for 20 minutes, or 5 edges, whichever takes longer.  Are you ready to cum, slut?

How Do You Cum

Go to that 100-sided die and roll.  Now open the picture that corresponds to your roll.  What’d you get:

  • A Pornstar pic?  Don’t you watch enough porn?  You’re denied stroker.  Try again tomorrow….
  • A cumming pic?  Lucky you, you get a full orgasm today!  If it’s a guy covered in cum, make sure you eat up all that jizz!
  • Your hard cock?  Well, good news and bad news.  You get to cum…but you have to ruin it.
  • Your soft cock?  Let your cock go limp, you’re denied, but…you have to play with it the rest of the day!  Keep it hard, and edge as many times as you can
  • Did you get a picture of your crush?  You’re the real winner, especially if it’s me.  Edge one more time for me, then you can shoot that load while you’re staring at the picture.  Oh, and make sure you eat it all up, in honor of whatever lucky lady that is.

Good luck stroker and let us know in the comments how the game went for you 😉

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