How Fast Can You Stroke?

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A while back, I did a whole tease based on metronome stroking.  That’s where you google up a metronome on-line and stroke to the beat.  We stroke slow, then we stroke fast, and we edge and deny you until you finally get that full release.  I started to wonder though – how fast could you physically stroke?  How hard until you just couldn’t take it anymore with simple metronome masturbation?

Let’s Find Out Stroking Low and Slow

I want you to get some lube – you’re going to need it, because once we get up past low and slow to those really high speeds, I wouldn’t want your dry cock to catch fire!  So go online, find a metronome, then get naked and kneel for me.  Get a small cum plate and put it right under your dick, then lube up and let’s get stroking!

Stroke To The Beat

Start at 10 beats per minute. Like I said, LOW and SLOW!  One beat is a stroke up and down.  Stroke at that speed for 1 full minute.  Now, increase the speed by 10, and another minute.  Keep doing that.  If the next number up on your on-line metronome is more than 10 more then what you’re currently stroking at, move to that number.  If you edge, you can rest for 10 seconds, but you must stroke for 1 full minute.  So, if you’re at 50 bpm, and you edge after 10 strokes?  Rest for 10 seconds, then make sure you get 40 more strokes in. I know you will surprise yourself with a low and slow edge! Metronome stroking is a challenge after a certain point!

The Coerced Orgasm

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