Ms. Delia Wants To Pass Your Penis Around! We Mistresses here at The Enchantrix Empire are quite the collection of cock teases. There is nothing we like better than to take control of poor submissives’ cocks, and tease, edge and deny it until they are whimpering piles of jelly begging incoherently to shoot their loads. Then we just tease them some more! Now, it’s fun when I’m having a wicked tease and denial session with you one-on-one, but it’s even more fun when I can share you with my friends. It’s called Pass The Penis.

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Pass The Penis!

Let Me Devise Your Cock Torment

Some guys call one of our lovely dispatchers and set up their own Pass The Penis call. They pick out how many Mistresses will be involved, and who they’ll be. I’ve got a better idea. Let me set it up. I’ll figure out how many and who. Then you’ll start your game with me, and after 10 minutes of tormenting that cock, I’ll pass you on, and so on and so on…until you finally get back to me.

You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

Maybe you’ll get a cock tease princess, who’ll laugh and giggle while you stroke that dick for her. Maybe one of our MILF Masturbatrixes will take your cock in hand, guide your masturbation and use every trick she’s learned teasing a cock to keep you right on the edge of cumming. Since I’m setting up this game, you know you’re going to get some sadistic Mistresses, who mix your pleasure in with pain. Maybe you’ll have to spank your ass while you’re stroking, or squeeze your balls. You never know. I am the Mistress cock teasing the submissive!

Will You Get To Cum?

Ohhh stroker, just click to find out! Only Ms. Delia knows right now!

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