What is Your Favourite Tease?

Do you like sweet, seductive looks that let you know EXACTLY what is on your Mistress’ mind? The kind of filthy, probing, torturous teasing that only a Mindfuck Mistress’ can come up with… Truly creative teasing… Do you have a favourite method of having that cock of yours teased until it aches and throbs with every single heartbeat?

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who likes when a woman “accidentally” lets her skirt ride up just a little bit too high, flashing you a quick glimpse of the tops of her stockings…. Or maybe what REALLY gets you off is a little bit of verbal humiliation, hearing the playful words drip off of your Mistress’ lips as she teases about your inability to keep the front of your pants from tenting in her presence.

My Favourite Tease

I like both of those… but I have to admit that my absolute favourite way to tease is more… public. What I REALLY love, is waiting until we are in a public place… a shopping mall, grocery store, park… somewhere where there are lots of people. Then, I like to play with my men. Maybe a soft caress here… a gentle brush there… or maybe, if I’m feeling really cruel I will simply grab his cock through his pants…. All while leaning in and whispering sweet, sexy nothings in his ear. My hot breath caressing his earlobe as I feel him grow in my palm.. I love to keep this up… teasing, then turning away like nothing’s happened, only to do it again a half hour later when he’s just started to calm down… It is absolutely the public humiliation of his not being able to conceal his massive erection that gets me off.

The Spice of Life

There is nothing wrong with a cocktease. Believe me, your sex life (and fantasy sex life) would be MUCH less interesting without us… So next time you’re shopping and you see a fellow teasee, blushing and  tenting his pants, give the poor man a knowing smile and nod… And do your best not to be jealous. 😉

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