Ms Violet Gather Your Textures

You will need three to five different textures for this stroking assignment. The items you gather can be panties, fabric swatches, other lingerie, a fur jacket, or whatever you imagine will feel good on your cock.

Make sure that your items include different textures, such as:

* Satiny
* Soft Lace
* Fur or Velvet
* Cotton
* Silk

How You Will Be Using Them

Get comfortable on your bed, sofa, or reclining chair. Have your textured items at hand. First I want you to lube up that cock and stroke it to a state of rigidity. It needs to be really hard to start the main fun.

Once that cock of yours is rock hard, choose your first item to stroke with. Wrap it around your cock, put your entire hand around the item and begin to stroke steadily up and down. Not too fast. The sensations you will be experiencing will be intense.

Finishing the Game

You are you stroke with that first item until you are right on the edge of a release. Stop. Switch to the next item. Stroke with that item until you are on the edge of cumming again. Stop. Switch to the third item. Continue this until you have used every item.

Now start again, if you can handle that. If you are good at edging, this game can go on for an hour, or more. When you cannot take another moment of the textured stroking, choose your favorite item and give yourself a HUGE orgasm. You deserve it.

Listen to the audio below to hear me guide you through part of this game.

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