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You Need To Be A Cocktease

Usually when I write these Cocktease Bootcamp posts, it’s all about me.  How much I LOVE being a cocktease, new ways I can think of to tease your cock and keep you coming back – only to be teased and denied more.  This time, though, I think I’m going to give my favorite cocksucking pets some tips on how to tease a cock.  As you already know, if you can tease them and give them the best orgasm they’ve ever had, they’ll be back for more! …no brainer, right?

Don’t Gobble It All At Once

I know pet, you just want your mouth filled with cock as soon as it pops out of those pants.  Restrain yourself!  First of all, every guy likes a bit of a teasing.  They want to be built up, not to just jizz in your mouth after 3 licks.  And you don’t want them popping off right away, do you?  Of course not, you want to savor that dick.  So, lick around the head, and then up and down the shaft.  Maybe even suck those balls into your mouth.  Don’t go right for the deep throat!

Pay Attention

Keep your eyes and your ears open.  Watch what’s going on with that prick – and especially the balls.  Are they getting tight?  That’s one sign of an impending orgasm.  If you wait until his cock starts to swell in your mouth, you’re too late.  Stop then, and all your going to do is ruin his orgasm.  Listen as well.  Are his breaths getting shorter, is he starting to gasp in pleasure.  When you see these things happening, that’s your cue to slow down, maybe switch things up a bit.  Keep teasing him until he can’t stand it anymore, and you’ll be rewarded with  a mouthful  of cum – and a repeat customer!

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