You’ll get to cum… eventually

Delay Or Deny – It’s My Choice

That’s right, pets.  You’ve given me control of your cock.  And control of your cock also means control of your orgasm.  So, it’s up to me whether I just delay it or deny it altogether.  Oh, you can rest assured that I will delay it for a good long while.  And  you’ll never know what my decision will be until you beg me to cum.  Oh, I’ll know long before that, but you won’t!

Stroke That Horny Cock for Me

Go ahead, get a nice puddle of lube in your hand and start stroking that hard throbbing cock.  Up and down, up and down, from the base all the way up over that swelling head.  I like to start you off slow, and then as you hit each orgasmic edge, speeding it up just a bit.  I’ll also let you rest a bit after each of those edges, just to let the feeling that you’re about to cum go away, before I have you start stroking again, delaying that orgasm, watching it build as you whimper and your eyes screw up as you try to hold back you impending explosion.

Stretching It Out

After the 5th edge or so, I think we’ll just work on peaking.  Slow down that stroking until you’re keeping yourself at a nice level – not soft, obviously, but not on the edge, either.  I might have you peak for five minutes or so, before we ramp up that stroking and bring you to yet another edge.  Peak after peak, edge after edge.  The moans are getting more numerous now, the begging more desperate.  You tell me that it’s just too much, that you can’t hold back anymore.  You will though, won’t you?  You wouldn’t want to disappoint me, would you?

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