Ms. Lilly’s Panty CockteaseMs. Lilly’s Panty Cocktease

Let’s Get You Naked

You should always be naked and exposed for your Mistress, for the cocktease who owns and controls your dick. That way, there’s no hiding what’s going on, how hot and horny I’m making you, just how hard that prick is getting, dripping with pre-cum, aching with need. I will stay dressed, however. You don’t need to know what’s going on in my mind. It will make the cockteasing I have planned for you a surprise.

Teasing You With Panties

I will grant you one small concession. Watch me as I reach up under my skirt, and slowly, sensuously pull my panties down. They feel so good, so smooth and silky sliding down my legs, sometimes even better than when I slid them on. I’m going to tease you with these panties. I’m going to use them to stroke that throbbing, dripping cock, until you beg for mercy.

Slow Masturbation

Slow, languorous strokes up and down your shaft. Slippery, satiny, sliding over your rigid dick. I know how much it drives you wild when I stroke you with my soft hand, but this must be driving you out of your mind! The feeling of silk sliding up and down that shaft, so slowly. I know I can bring you to an edge, but I wonder if I’ll be able to push you over, with all this slow, measured stroking? If I do, if you make a mess on those panties, you should know you’ll be cleaning them up – with your mouth!

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