For this assignment, you may need to do a little shopping. It all depends on what you have in your house. If you are a bachelor or live alone, chances are, you are going to have to head to your local craft store. Although, I have seen the object for this teasing game at big box stores.

Look in the craft section, or the house wares section for a feather. Now, before you run out and buy this feather, let me tell you how you are going to be using it. Believe me, it will determine what kind of feather you end up with, and, you might just want to hit the craft or specialty shop, after all, to get the exact right kind of feather.

Now, on the day that you plan to play this little teasing game, I want you to start with a cock that has not been stroked, and, has not cum in at least three days. Believe me, if you want this game to work, those conditions must be met, or you will be supremely frustrated, and probably not in the best way. (Unless of course, you like ruined orgasms, and in that case, by all means, go right ahead!)

I would suggest getting a very stiff feather, one that is more quill-like. If you get, oh, let’s say, a peacock feather, you are in for a very, very rough stroking session! Well, quite the opposite, really. It will not be rough at all, and that will be extremely hard, and will leave YOU extremely hard and wanting more than the peacock feather can provide, since it’s so soft.

Now, I want you to…

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