Ms Courtney has a stroking game for youThis is a fun little teasing game that you can play with a plastic bag and some oil. First, the best kinds of bags are the ones that you get at the produce department when you buy fruits and veggies. The thinner the plastic the better this will feel.

Once you have your plastic baggie, make sure that it doesn’t have any holes, or you will have an oily mess on your hands. The best way to figure this out is to fill it with air and then grab the opening and shut it. Now press against the bottom of the bag with your other hand. If it has a hole, that’s how you will find it.

Once you have a bag with no holes, squirt a healthy amount of oil into the bag, like at least a tablespoon. Then put your cock in the bag and go to your couch or your mattress. This is where it gets really fun! Then slide your cock in between the tightest part of the couch cushions or mattress. Now thrust your hips into the cushions or between the mattress and box springs. Pretty amazing, right?

Now play some music. Any time you hear the word “love” you get to thrust your hips in, if you have a lot of love songs on your playlist, your are good to go! If you don’t, now might be a good time do it slow jamz style like Jimmy Fallon!

You got it! Then I want you to…

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