Ms. Lilly Denies You An OrgasmTeased And Denied

If you’ve been keeping with my posts over on my blog, you know all about my beautiful slave slut Tamsyn. She is a beautiful, French Polynesian sex pot, and I do so enjoy playing with her. I play all the same games with her that I play with you -well, except CBT obviously , that’s Aubrey’s thing! I even tease and constantly deny her – pussy control I call it. But there are times when I want to tease one of you sluts – and there’s nothing like giving Tamsyn a huge earth shattering orgasm when you know you can’t have one.

Sit Over There

When one of my real-time slaves comes over, I bring both of them into the playroom. I have Tamsyn help me tie the poor subbie to a chair, so that he can’t move. Now, the fun starts. I’ll have my slutty slave perform a seductive, slow strip tease in front of the guy. It’s delicious torment to watch his cock grow harder and bob in the air while she teases him with her body – so close, but so far out of reach of his secured hands.

Time For Fun With My Slut

Now it’s time for fun with my slut. I get her to the floor, and sit upon her face, Queening her – Mistress ALWAYS cums first! She has such a talented mouth and tongue, and I’ll hold out for a little while, before I’m covering her face with my juices. Then I flip her over onto her hands and knees, and place her just in front of my slave – and his straining, throbbing dick. As I drive my strap-on deep into her pussy, he gets a perfect view of the look of pure ecstasy on her face, as he listens to her scream out orgasm after orgasm. Oh, I bet he wished she’d just lean forward, just a bit, and suck on his cock. But that’s not going to happen, I’m part of the Tease Mafia after all!

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