I Love It When You Edge

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Edge for Mistress Delia

Edging – bringing you to the point where you’re just about to cum – is such a turn-on for me.  It’s not the first edge…or even the fifth that really gets me wet.  It’s when I’ve edged you to the point when you start to beg.  When you tell me “please, I HAVE to cum!”  Silly stroker!  You don’t have to cum, you WANT to cum.  There’s no need for you to shoot that load.  Your balls won’t explode – although they will get blue and achy, all swollen with that jizz they’re churning out as I tease your cock.

Maybe It’s Not The Edging

Maybe it’s the begging for Mistress that really turns me on.  Or the thought that I have complete and total control of your horny cock.  Maybe it’s the power.  Power over the one thing in your life that you’ve always been able to control – when you cum.  To know that you’ve given that power over to me, and that you won’t even think of spilling that spunk until I say you can.  You wouldn’t want to disappoint me, would you?

Edging to Exhaustion

It’s really a difficult decision for me to make.  When should you be allowed to orgasm?  I love the begging, and the longer you beg, the more turned on I get.  You see, I have control not only over your cock, but over my own orgasm as well.  And the longer you beg, the more edges I give you, the stronger and more intense my orgasm will be.  It’s a fine line, figuring out when you’ve been edged to exhaustion.  When that begging finally just turns into unintelligible grunts and moans?  I might let you cum…but then again, I like edging too!

So what do you have to do for me today? Well, just click the audio to listen!

Edging Cocktease Ms Delia

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