Tell me dear gents ..

Do you notice when a Lady is checking out your basket? BTW, I’m not talking about a grocery store cart. No, just like a man who can’t help staring at my bosom, this old Fem Dom can’t resist giving your crotch the slow once-over.

Grabbing Your Goodies

Call me twisted, but I adore it when you adjust your goodies, thinking no one will notice. Go on, get those balls back where they belong, I won’t look away – I’ll wait till you set your cock to rights, then- catch your eye.

Is there a blush running up your neck, or are you a cheeky thing and do that side-ways grab at your meat and a tiny hump of your pelvis? Either way, you have become an amusement, and I’m going to have to be bold with my teasing.

The Inadvertent Invitation

Seeing that swelling in your jeans is my invitation to move closer. With my eyes on the target, I slowly saunter towards you, my hips swaying to the music, my gaze intent on you. Are you startled when I smile and look pointedly at your hand – fiddling your basket?

You Are So BUSTED!

Oh I can’t tell you how delighted I am when you snatch that hand back and put it behind your back. I know right then that there will be no resistance when I saunter into your personal space, my hip just inches from your barn door. Smiling up into your wide eyes, you look so venerably delicious and mine for the taking.

When I get bumped from behind I seize the opportunity to slide my leg between yours and press closer. Stumbling slightly, you steady me by my shoulders, and pull me close, and I can feel the effect I’ve had on you. Hitting that rock hard cock makes my panties so damp, I have to pull your head down and whisper something in your ear.

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