I love being a Cocktease!

The Cocktease’s Favorite Month

That’s right stroke junkies, it’s May…Masturbation May.  As a MILF Cocktease, May is like Christmas for me.  All those new, young, hung studs to introduce to the world of orgasm delay.  Teaching them just how a mature, sexy woman can tease their cocks and get them to spurt gallons of warm cream…possibly for them to lick up!

Reprogramming Their Cocks

That’s what guided masturbation is all about.  Oh, I’m sure they know how to stroke their dicks – to a quick, weak, pitiful orgasm.  They like the teasing – at first – but by the third or fourth edge, they’re just begging me to finish them off.  You see, what younger guys lack is patience.  That’s what a MILF like Ms. Christine teaches them.  Good things come to those who wait!  I need to reprogram their cocks in order to get the best performance out of them.

A Stroke Here

A teasing squeeze there (can’t forget the balls, now can we?  Like I’ve taught all my slutty cocksuckers- it’s a three piece set darlings!).  Quick fast strokes to get them right on the edge, then slow , light ones to bring them down while they beg.  Rinse and repeat!  I control that cock, and I get to decide when it’s had enough.  When it swells, and those balls are so tight they’ve almost pulled back into your body, that’s when I know it’s time to finally let you explode – and leave the mess for you to clean up!

If you need the special talents of a MILF Mistress to get top performance out of your cock, give Ms. Christine a call.

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