Alexis_Femdom_MistressThere are many reasons why Mistresses love tease and denial. Personally, I love the power exchange factor. I enjoy taking a man who is used to harboring the expectation of being in-charge and in control, and reducing him to a quivering pile of BEG. That’s right. I like to make men beg for what they want. How else am I supposed to know if they are serious or not?

Tease and delay makes orgasms better…

Think about your usual masturbation sessions. When do things really feel the best? Is it that first peak of sensation when you find yourself increasing the intensity of your stroke? Is it the orgasm itself? Or is it that consistent peaking over and over? Riding the wave is fun, isn’t it?  Hitting your stride, then easing back and going right back into full force? Yeah, that’s the ticket. A little tease and denial is all it takes to get that cum surging under ultimate pressure, and that is what you want because that means you’re poised to have the most intense orgasm of your life. And who doesn’t want that?

Maybe denial is too strong of a word…

It doesn’t always have to be about not being allowed to cum. Sometimes the threat in and of itself is enough to add to the excitement of things. A bit of tease without the denial can be just as fun, if not moreso than keeping your pocket rocket docked for launch. The important thing to remember is that in the end, it’s completely up to your masturbatrix. Just make sure you’ve got a professional on your hands who knows how to get the most of of your cock with or without giving you the goodies you’re begging for. Listen to Ms Alexis

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