30 days of edging for MS CassandraI have a huge challenge for you but you must be used to orgasm denial, tease and denial, tease and please,  and willing to try…for me!

Choose 30 Goddesses from the LDW company and make a list of them to check off.

The Challenge:

Every day, choose one of the Mistresses on your list. Your whole day is devoted to stroking to her pictures on her blog, her listings, or wherever you find her. You will edge and not cum. You can also listen to her tease audios, write emails of admiration to her and comment on her blog. I must be on the list of course, and you will report every day who you worshipped and how the edging went. Edge as many times but do not cum. Should the Goddess be so inclined to reply to you, follow her directions. If she does not reply, that’s her choice.

Everyday choose a favorite picture of the Goddess, print it out and set aside. I will want you to make a collage. Get creative, cut the figures out, paste them on some cardboard, and photo it. The best one will get a spot on my blog. If you are not creative, skip this step. Just remember that this fun project is worth the effort because you are pleasing the Goddesses you have chosen to honor.

Do not listen to the recording at the end until you have finished your assignment. Do not cum during the assignment. Send your collage to me if you have done it.

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