Stroking and Edging with Ms CourtneyFor this little stroking game, we are going to be using a banana peel. Make sure that you get a banana the relative size of your cock. If you have a really small penis, you may have to get those tiny little bananas they sell at specialty places. If you have a ginormous schlong, then you can use a plantain. I’ll let you use your judgment.

The fun part about this game with banana peels is that it is going to literally, drive your cock bananas!

A Banana Peel Sheath for Your Cock!

First of all, take the banana out, you can save and eat it later or feed it to a monkey, I don’t really care. Once you have the banana peel, insert your cock. If you really want to do this right, freeze the banana first. Then, let it thaw. Then, cut off the stem and squeeze your banana out like toothpaste. Now, the entire banana peel is totally intact! You can cut the hole bigger, so that your cock just slips right in!

Make Your Banana Cream…..

Now, I want you to tease yourself. Really edge yourself, get close to orgasm, but don’t you dare cum! Oh no! You are going to drive yourself bananas, remember? Yep, just stroke using that banana peel like a second skin. Feels good, huh? Now imagine that the banana is actually a foreskin, with a thousand nerve endings! That’s how good the foreskin feels to a man with an uncut cock! Pretty amazing, right?

Now, edge yourself at least 10 times. And when you do cum, I want you to…

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