your MILF CockTease awaits…

I Have A Reputation

I know, I have this reputation – well deserved – as a MILF cocktease.  I have you get naked, while I tease you with glimpses of my sexy body, while I tell you how to stroke, and delay or even deny you the release you so desperately need.  Or, I tie you down, get naked myself, and have you watch while I bring myself to orgasm after orgasm with my Hitachi Magic Wand while you just sit there, tormented by your need.  I don’t know though, something has come over me.  The warm weather, the beautiful sunny days, the flowers blooming…I just don’t want to tease you today!

My Hand On Your Cock

My hands feel wonderful gliding up and down the shaft of your cock, don’t they?  Holding it like a baseball bat, making sure as one hand slides up over the pre-cum covered head that the other hand is starting it’s stroke up your shaft.  The constant stimulation is just driving you wild.  The moans coming from you, the way your hips are moving and your thighs are quivering just tells me how great your need is.

Ready To Spill That Load?

Are you, slut?  You can’t believe it, can you?  I always tease you, make you beg for it, but as your cock grows larger, stiffer, harder in my hand, I urge you on.  Those balls are churning away aren’t they?  Full of jism that just wants to rocket out and cover us both with all that creamy goodness.  You’re about ready to nut off….


APRIL FOOLS!  I take my hand away, and leave you thrusting into the air, desperate for relief.  Did you really think I was going to make it that easy on you?

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