Are you looking for another kind of teasing game? I have just the thing for you!Amber  (29)(2)

I was just thinking the other day about all the fun I have with so many men that have placed their rock hard cock in my capable hands, allowing me to edge them until they explode. But as fun as that is, it’s not enough to ‘edge‘ a man….he needs to do more than enjoy his release. He needs to earn it. You appreciate it so much more that way!

I’ll show you just what a tease I can be…

That’s why I have created a sexy opportunity to both tease and titillate you, impressing me at the same time. You want to impress me, don’t you? If you can do this, you will experience more than just a release. Oh, yes. Such a feeling of accomplishment will follow when you have conquered my Challenge! Do you think you’re up to it?

To take me on, you’ll need some privacy, some time and your favorite lube. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not so fast! Once you have those things, I’m going to need you to do something. (That will be a secret for now….but your curiosity is killing you, isn’t it?)

Only the most confident men should take the next step….

This Challenge isn’t for everyone, I can assure you. I’ll need you to be at your most alert, and prepared for what comes next. If you think you can handle what I have prepared, just listen to my audio and we will begin.

Listen to Ms Amber

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