Ms Andrea loves conversation and sex…especially fetish sexA lot of my callers ask me from time to time why I decided to be a phone sex Mistress. Although there is no one answer I usually tell them I love conversation and sex…especially fetish sex. Answering the phone and hearing a nervous stroker on the other end eager to discuss his hard on and potential release gets me so excited! A conversation like that can go so many directions. That’s also why I love being a phone sex cock tease! The power to choose is completely up to me because the minute you pick up that phone, your cock is already mine. When and how long you get to play with it depends on your abilities to please me.

Sharing is Caring

I’ve learned that men love to talk about sex just as much as they love doing it. Do you start stroking your dick as soon as your Mistress mentions tease and denial? Well, you wouldn’t be the only one. I love to tease and stress your dick with assignments and games but I’ll always entertain a stroker’s fantasy because it gets me so wet knowing you’ve put some real thought about what turns you on.

Phone sex can be very erotic and pleasurable for me and you when we take the time to share what we know about our special fetish or kink. I love hearing about tease and denial from a male’s perspective. What do you enjoy most about cock control? Do you favor tease with denial or delay? Does humiliation play a role in cock control for you?

Why you Love a Tease

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t get enough of a cock-teasing Goddess like me?  You may think the answer is simple but take some time to really think why you can’t get enough of my teasing control.  I think men love me as a tease and denial mistress because I embody a dangling carrot. Every time you stroke to my sexy voice or heed my stroking instructions, a part of you feels you’re getting close to finally getting what you really desire-me. Soon enough though, after the teasing has left your balls blue and your cock purple, you realize the chase will never end. Any control you thought you had is no more.

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