Can You Get Enough Points To Cum

Can you get enough points?

There’s a little tease and denial game I like to play with my subs.  I give them points for little tasks and each of those points become one stroke.  The game is so much fun.  I get these little subbies doing all kinds of things for me, and when they think they have enough points, they might just get to cum!

Slutty Tasks

I might give them 1 point for things they like to do.  Maybe I have a little service sub who likes to clean my home.  If he does a good job, I might give him one point.  If a have a sub who likes to get queened, I will probably give him one point for each orgasm he gives me.  A tease and denial sub might get a point for every edge he gets to and can hold for a time I decide on, without cumming.  It’ll take you forever to get the chance to cum if you’re only building up a point at a time!  So, you’d better do some things you don’t like or that are…hard…for you.  I might give you five points for getting my Bull ready for me with your mouth – maybe you’ll get 10 if you let him use your ass!  Don’t like eating cum, but you’ll do it for me…ohhh, five points for you.

How Many Points To Make You Cum?

See, that’s your decision.  If you think you have enough points, you can ask me to stroke you for as many points as you have.  Here are the rules though.  I get to stroke and tease you however I want, and you MUST cum by that last stroke, or you have to start all over again.  Maybe I’ll just stroke you real slow.  Would 25 slow strokes be enough?  Maybe I’ll only stroke your shaft and I won’t go anywhere near that sensitive head.  Would 50 shaft strokes be enough to get you to blow your load?

If you do manage to cum, unused points do not carry over, so you’ll need to start earning them all over again.  Here’s a quick 5 though for your next try…if you can eat up all that cream!

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