I love to tease you…

My Favorite Part of Cockteasing

As a cocktease, my favorite part of our little sessions is denying you.  Teasing you with my body.  My beautiful breasts, my long, shapely legs, or my round, firm ass.  Of course, let’s not forget my soft, tantalizing hands, stroking up and down your cock, listening to your begging and your pleading.  Knowing I control when –  or even if – you cum.

Pearl Necklace Denial

Did you think I was going to let you give me a pearl necklace?  I’m sorry, you must have thought I had mistaken you for one my Bulls!  Oh no, my little stroke slut, you’re going to masturbate with a pearl necklace.  That’s right, you’re going to wrap a necklace around your hand, and stroke up and down your cock with it.  Doesn’t that feel nice, those smooth, silky pearls sliding up and down your shaft?  Stroke yourself to a nice edge… of course it does. Now, we’re going to try something different.

Anal Pearls

Those pearls should be nice and slick from all that pre-cum, but feel free to use some more lube if you need to, before you slowly start to slide them into your ass.  Don’t slide them all in, you need to hold onto some of them. Now…  Start stroking again, and as you get to an edge, pull one out.  Keep stroking and edging, pulling out a pearl every time you edge.  When you get to that final pearl, you can stroke until your right on the edge of orgasm, then yank that last one out and shoot all over yourself!  Make sure you lick up all that cream when you’re done… or there’ll be no more cumming for you!

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