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Have you ever wondered what it would take for a Mistress to break a stroker down to the point of not being able to hold back? Ms. Olivia and I recently had a Cock Control Circuit Training victim who begged us to “break” him.  He’s not the first of you sluts who’s begged to be teased to the point of being broken, and I’m sure he won’t be the last.  I have so many tease pets who tell me they want to be driven to the point where they can’t hold back their orgasm.  I’m not talking about ruined orgasms – although, when I break you, I will ruin the resulting release.  I’m talking about being so desperate to cum, having been teased and denied for so long, that, even though you don’t want to disappoint me, you do.  You have an unauthorized orgasm.

Orgasm By Design

As an expert Masturbatrix, I love a man  so desperate to cum I know all the trigger points.  I know just what it takes to get you to that point – to break you.  Maybe it’s a word – like slut or whore – or maybe it’s an idea that is just too much for you.  I find that extreme cockteasing, extended tease and denial session are oh so effective.

That’s What Finally Broke A Slut

Ms. Olivia and I just kept ramping up the stroking and teasing over a week; more sessions, more stroking, more intense edges, almost endlessly bringing him to the brink over and over again.  You men, you can only take so much.  Then, it just happens.  You get to the edge, you try to stop, and you can’t.  That cum is racing up your shaft and you start to feel those wonderful contractions.  The best part?  Watching you reach for that cock, to stroke it, to finish yourself off, and I just say one word.  “No.”  I laugh as your orgasm is ruined.  And then, we start all over again.

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