I know you do GemmaWicked fun!

You know Ms Gemma has a devious mind to go with that wicked laugh, and this cocktease game is just her style!  She is that sensual cock tease that will sneak up on you and before you know it, you are caught in her wicked web and not sure you want out.

Two Hands boys!

That is right boys, you will need both those hands and plenty of time for this game.  I know how hard it can be to count all those strokes or keep track of time when your cock is hard.  So, I am going to allow you to avoid the humiliation that goes with having to  tell your mistress you lost count. Isn’t that sweet of me?

The Rules

Here are the simple rules for this game.

1.Get naked. 2. get comfy ( in front of a mirror if possible) 3. put only the palm of your hand on the head of your cock and rub it in small circles. 4.with other hand pat your balls. 5. repeat this phrase..”rub my balls and pat my head.”

See, simple no counting to worry over.  However, you must reach the edge without getting the two mixed up!  That means you cannot accidently pat your head or rub your balls!  If you do; you are denied for  the day, and must begin again tomorrow!

I would love to watch you try this little game. I will be laughing and you will be frustrated long before you get it right! How long will it take before you are begging for release?

Listen to Ms Gemma

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