Super Bowl Stroking Game This is a fun little stroking game that you can play while you are watching the Super Bowl! Of course, you will either need: 1) to be alone, or, 2)to be with kinky friends.

First, get naked! Or at least, whip that cock out! Then, you can ONLY stroke while someone is holding the ball and moving on the playing field. Any time that is not the case, you cannot stroke your cock. You can fondle your balls, and tug on them gently, so they know it’s not time to cum yet. You will quickly realize that if the referees would just let those guys play, the game would not last so long. Which, fortunately for the tease aficionados, is a really, really good thing! You are going to get quite the teasing and torturing stroking session in! All while you watch the game! Pretty fun, right?

Just so we’re clear, if the players have the ball and are playing the actual game, you can stroke all you want. But if there is a commercial on, even a hot one, NO STROKING FOR YOU!!! You must stop all stroking activities once the game is stopped for any reason. And, here’s the kicker, haha, pun fully intended! You cannot cum unless your team wins! I want you to stroke right up to the last touchdown and when the coach gets doused by the Gatorade, you are going to get doused with your own jizz, got it? Then, when you are all worn out from stroking for so long, I want you to…

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