Mature tease Ms VivianThe Art of the Mature Cock Tease

I know most of you guys and gurls are too young, as I am – to remember the Golden Days of Burlesque. Just because it was passé long before I came along, I’m still a big fan of the art, especially when done with a subtle style. Not that I don’t enjoy an energetic bump and grind, but a languid stroll across the stage from wing to wing. Dropping no more than a glove and confident that a flash of her leg, is tease enough – to set a man on fire!

Flirtatious is Fine but Decadent is Delicious

Flirty folks seem to come by it naturally, a side-dish that comes with a perky personally. We all notice them. Even if you can’t see them, you can feel the vibe change in the room – you can hear a clear high laughter slide down to very naughty tone and you have found the flirt in the room. But then, so has everyone else.

Now a tease, especially a mature tease, she wants just one set of hungry eyes raking up the length of her legs. The experienced tease doesn’t need cast a wide net, and rely on chance. A lusty cougar has her target chosen before she strikes. She waits for the optimum moment to slowly turn her chair and cross her slender ankles and catch your eye for a moment.

The Trap Snaps Shut

Like a cat feigning disinterest, the wiser and older tease uses this moment, when the prey is a hair’s breadth from being snared – and stretches. Arching her back, she dangles her shoe from her red painted toes and SNAP – he’s captured before her delicate pump slips to the floor.

She holds his searching glance and pulls him up by his tie and whispers in his ear. Curious to know what the sexy MILF said?

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