Luring You In
I have a thing for silk stockings.  The way they feel on my legs.  The affect they have on you, when you see them.  Not to mention when you touch them.  I cross my right leg over the left, bouncing my shimmering stocking attired leg.  Your eyes lock on my leg and you freeze.

So let us get right to that part when you touch my legs.  The part where I take your hand, place it midway on my silk stocking covered calve and slowly run it up over my knee, until your eager hand is halfway up my toned, smooth thigh.

Touch That Skin

The lace tops of my stockings are mere inches above your hand.  And above that, the allure of my bare skin; a tempting stretch of skin between the tops of my stockings and my panties.

While your hands are given free rein to roam the curves and stretches of my long, fit legs, I pick up an extra stocking.  Leaning over, I put it under your throbbing cock.  Cradling it in the cool silk of my stocking, I pull the ends up and slowly move my right hand up.

You Cannot Hide Your Pleasure

I roll your rigid cock in the tantalizing silk, and watching the expression of rapture on your face.  To your credit, your hands keep moving up and down my silk covered legs.

You begin to moan.  I smile with deep pleasure.  The telltale strings of pre-cum we both see in my stocking speak for your own pleasure.  Will I let you finish?  Listen to the audio below and follow along.

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