Can you handle my tickling tease?

You Like Hard Stroking

But that’s not what you’re going to get.  I know that nice, firm pressure on your prick will have you edging in no time.  It would have you cumming, too, but I’m a MILF cocktease, and I know just how to handle young studs like you.  I want to have some fun, and if you shoot that load to soon, you’re no fun at all.

Light Stroking

I’m not even going to use my hand.  I’m going to stroke that horny cock, and tickle those soon to be swollen balls with a feather.  In fact, you can even do this yourself.  So, why don’t you get a soft feather (sissy maids, you can use your feather duster!) and follow along with me.  Just stroke it up and down the shaft.  Tickle the head of your cock, and every once in a while, linger on your balls.  It feels so nice, doesn’t it?

Do you think it’s enough to make you cum?

I don’t.  I think it’ll keep you at a peak, but I don’t think it will ever get you anywhere near an edge, let alone send you over into a real orgasm.  That’s okay though.  Like I said, I really don’t want you to cum.  All I want you to do is feel those delicious sensations in your cock and balls.  I’ll give you an hour.  Play with that feather for an hour and see if you can actually tickle any of that jizz out of those churning balls.

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