Femdom Mistress AlexisYou’ve been a good stroker-slut so far, but it’s time we start pushing the cocktease envelope. Sure you’ve edged over and over for your Mistress, which has pleased me, but I want to see what you’re truly made of.

Anal penetration takes cockteasing to a new level…

Time to pull out that aneros or butt plug you hide in the top drawer of your night stand. I know you have one. No need to be ashamed. I know you’re an ass slut as well, so go ahead and insert it. I want to see that cock twitch with something firm against your aching prostate.

Oh my! Just as your toy hits the hot spot, a quick flow of precum dribbles out. This is going to be fun. Start ever-so-slowly, stroking up and down. You have to be careful because we both know you have the fleshy equivalent of a live grenade in your hand.

I see those balls tightening up every time you squeeze those cheeks together to push that plug deeper in your ass making it press harder against your p-spot. That’s the male version of the g-spot for those of you who aren’t in the know.

Beads of sweat are trickling down your forehead because you are starting to figure out I want you here for a while, which is on the edge of having a mind-shattering, body-shaking orgasm. It probably doesn’t help with me licking my lips watching you.

Edging your cock is just the beginning…

It excites you to know how much Mistress Alexis is pleased having you so close. What would happen if I leaned down and gave a soft kiss to your tender cock? I bet if I just whispered to it with the sweet caresses of my breath, it would send you over the edge.

Now, every time you upstroke, give the head a good twist before you slide it back down. Difficult isn’t it? You want to stroke so very badly, but every twist is making that head so sensitive. What’s more, you want to please your Mistress, don’t you?

While your brain is turning to mush, I look deeply into your eyes telling you what a good slut you’re being for me. So close now, I want you to sit down on that plug and grind on it for me. Oh, I know it feels so good and that you want to cum so bad. All that squirming has turned Mistress into one happy pricktease. I want you to start stroking a bit faster and call me to find out your fate.

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