Every man loves to be teased. The only real question is “How much?” Some like to be teased just enough to get their cocks hard for their favorite fantasies. Others like hardcore tease and denial. Everyone else falls between the two extremes. It’s a matter of degrees, really.

I Dare You To Play My Naughty Edging Game

I like teasing men, but I also like leaving the ultimate result of that teasing up in the air. It’s more fun that way, I think. That’s why I’m presenting you guys with a short version of an orgasm edging game I like to play on the phone with my callers. Ready? Ok, you’ll need some kind of time-keeping device (a watch, a clock, a cell phone, etc.), a single die (or a dice-rolling app on your phone or tablet), and lube if you so desire. Once you’ve got these things, just get naked and sit down somewhere comfortable to get started. You’ll need to keep an eye on your timepiece during this game, so try not to get TOO distracted.

Instructions and Outcome

When you’re ready to go, note the time and stroke your cock slowly for 5 minutes. When those five minutes are up, stroke quickly for 1 minute. Then, stop stroking altogether for 4 minutes. Once your four minutes are up, you can go back to stroking slowly for 5 minutes again. How long you do this is up to you, but I suggest 30 minutes at the very barest minimum, since that’d be 3 cycles. The longer you can go, though, the better.  When you can’t go any longer, grab your die (or dice-rolling app). It’s time for the moment of truth! Roll the die. If you roll a “1” or a “4,” congratulations! Go back to stroking furiously because you get to cum today!  If you roll a “2” or a “5,” you’re finished.  No more touching your cock today…and definitely no cumming! If you roll a “3” or a “6,” then you can stroke…but when you get close, you’re going
to have to ruin your orgasm for me!


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