"Would you like to watch Ms. Sierra strip?"

“Would you like to watch Ms. Sierra strip?”

Are you ready to perform for me?

What? You thought I was going to do some sexy striptease for you? You imagined me slowly, ever so slowly, removing each piece of my clothing, didn’t you?

Your little mind went to all those strip clubs where you have lurked. Where you have wasted so many nights. Well, it’s not like there was has been a line of women just waiting to show you their bodies. Except at the strip clubs, that is.

You can just picture me bumping and grinding. Rolling my hip for your pleasure. Your cock twitching in your pants. Growing. Dripping.

Well, consider this. It’s not going to happen. Ever.

The idea of you thinking it might amuses me. You should be proud of that. I am not easily amused. Well, okay, maybe by silly men I am.

Is your cock still throbbing at the thought of seeing me do a sexy dance for you? The idea of me grabbing that shiny pole and slowly, soooo slowly, spinning right in front of you has you practically panting, doesn’t it?

With each spin wouldn’t you just love to see me remove a piece of clothing? My left shoe goes skittering across the floor. Your eyes transfixed as  I flex my perfect toes. The royal purple polish gleaming. Another spin. The right shoe gone. Your eyes follow it but snap back to see the sexy foot revealed to you.

Go ahead stroke yourself while you think of my sexy feet.

My taut body gyrating for you. My short skirt being slid down my long, sexy legs, lifted upward by my foot. My hand grasping the wisp of material, twirling it and tossing it aside. You can just imagine the breeze as it moves past your face.

You must be rock hard. You must be dripping. Don’t you dare cum. I like to think of you on the edge. Holding back. It amuses me. See, you can entertain me.

Imagine me grinding my hips as I strip for you. As I spin around the pole. Slipping off my slinky top. Tossing it away. Shaking my body at you. My breasts barely covered by the lacy black bra. The cleavage spilling out, tantalizing you.

They invite you as I move so, so, so close. And then I pull away. Your cock aches. Throbs. Drips.

Do. Not. Cum.

Think of me reaching behind and undoing my bra. My lacy bra. Slipping it down my left shoulder. My nipple slowly coming into view. My hard nipple. Mmmmmmmm. Imagine the bra strap moving slowly down my right shoulder. Hanging there. You can barely breathe with the anticipation, can you?

Ohhh, there it goes. You can’t take your eyes off my firm, supple tits can you? Look at them shake as I dance. Slowly pump that cock. Feel the pre-cum running down the shaft, covering your fingers.

Think of me. Dancing. Wearing only panties. Imagine me sliding them off. The perfect globes of my ass making your eyes grow wide with desire.

Can you imagine all that? Can you, really? I can’t.

For even thinking of me dancing for you, you need to be punished.

No orgasm for you. If you want to discuss your punishment, call me.

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