Ms. Delia Teaches Cum-sumption

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Beg Me Let you Eat that Cum!

If you’re going to be the well-rounded slave I know you can be, you’re going to have to eat cum – a lot of it. If you’ve read my blog, you know I like to engage in Reverse Cuckolding with Jack. And since he’s my Alpha slave, part of your responsibilities will be to service him as well. We’ve taken care of the cocksucking with much of my other training, but now you’ll need to learn to clean up.

Eating Cum is Only Fair

Let’s face it. You may not really want to do it, but you’ve always expected the rare woman who’s given you a blow job to do it, haven’t you. Well, if you’re going to suck cock, and serve as my cuck, you’re going to have to swallow that spunk like a good girl. Don’t worry, you’ll only be eating your own jizz to start, I know though, that it won’t be long until your own isn’t enough, and you be my own little cum junkie!

Milking Your Cock

You’re already naked aren’t you? You did remember my rule for sluts and slaves didn’t you? You’re always to be naked and vulnerable for me. You won’t get to actually cum, but you will get to milk all that cream out. You should have quite a load, having been denied for at least three weeks. Get a cup, and make sure all that jizz ends up in there. Start stroking and edging. When some pre-cum starts flowing, I want you to get it on your fingers, and suck it off – like your fingers are a little cock. You are to edge 20 times, then you may stroke as hard and fast as you want, until you reach the point of no return. Then – Hands off MY Cock! That’s right, you’re going to ruin that orgasm. Make sure all that dribbling mess makes it into the cup. Rest for one minutes, then squeeze all the way from the base of that cock to the tip – make sure you get all that cum out. Now, drink it all up. Hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds before you swallow it all down.

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