CFNM Stroke Fantasy

Tease Mistress

Tease Mistress

Oh, you are feeling naughty, aren’t you stroker? I think today I want to share a favorite fetish of mine with you while you stroke…IF you get to! I want to believe you might be stroke worthy, but we have a little fun to have first. If you know me, you DO know that I expect you to be naked and vulnerable whenever you are in my presence; Naked and on your knees before a powerful, well-dressed woman.

A Practice CFNM Session

I want you to get a professional woman’s outfit from your wife’s or girlfriend’s – oh, what am I saying, like you have a woman in your life beside me! No, you’ll have to go out and actually buy one. Make sure you get some shoes to go along with the outfit, then hang it on the back of the door. If you can’t find the right clothes – or you’re too humiliated to even go out to a department store to buy them – then I’ll give you a tip. Go to your local thrift store and get that outfit no questions asked. Now, with that outfit in sight, pull up a picture of me on the computer, and get ready for my CFNM fantasy, stroker slut!

Beg Me

Now kneel before that clothing. Imagine it’s me. Beg me to teach you how to not be a loser, how to not be pathetic. Know that I have brought you to your knees just through my force of will – the will you lack, that you need from me. Kiss and lick those shoes. Make sure you lift them up and suck that heel into your mouth like a little cock.

Now Stroke

Now that you’ve shown me your devotion, you can start stroking for me. Slowly stroke, one stroke per second, until you get to an edge; then you stroke two strokes per second, and then you will add a stroke per second after each edge, until you’re jerking as fast as you can. 20 edges, or 30 minutes of stroking, then you can put that cock away for me. Frustrated. Denied. Maybe I’ll let you cum next week.

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