Multiple orgasms for Me and for you

Hitachi’s Aren’t Just For Ladies

You’ve seen the Hitachi Magic Wand, haven’t you? I know a lot of you pets have heard it on our calls, while I use it to bring myself to orgasm after orgasm while I torment your denied cock! Did you know they’re not just for us ladies? Oh, no, stroker. I’ve found an attachment that will be perfect for all kinds of masturbation fun. It’s called the VibeRite (R) Hammerhead Masturbator Attachment , and I know just how I’m going to use it.

My Evil Plan

First I get you naked. Then, tie you spread-eagle to the bed. You can watch while I prepare the instrument of your destruction. I’ll attach my favorite sex toy, then slide the sleeve over the already dripping head of your cock. Some elastic cord to secure the Hitachi to the shaft of your cock. Then…I’ll turn it on! It’ll feel nice at first, but before long you’ll be at the edge, writhing and wiggling around. I want you to hold off that orgasm for as long as you can…ride that edge…before your cock erupts!

It’s Not Over

Oh, no, it’s time for some post-orgasm torment. I’m going to drive you mad with pleasure, because I’m not turning it off! And you won’t be able to escape. Will it be one more orgasm…or ten? An hour of this devilish torment…or a whole day? I control your cock, and that’s all up to me now, isn’t it? You’re my play-thing and I am having way too much fun. Now, I wonder if I have two more around here – one Magic Wand for me…and one to shove up your ass! …lol

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