Let’s play a game stroker…

CFNM…With A Twist

I like teasing you, stroker pet, when you’re naked for me. CFNM is such a fun fetish isn’t it. You, naked, exposed, so I can see just what my teasing is doing to you. Your cock hard and rigid, watching your balls tighten as you get closer to orgasm. I think we’ll play a different game tonight though – I‘m actually going to give you a chance to see me naked!

The Rules

You – get naked for me. Start stroking that dick. Slowly, very slowly, one stroke every three seconds. I will be dressed in a white low cut blouse, a short skirt, pair of sexy high heels. Underneath it all? Oh, black seamed thigh highs, garter belt, and a sexy matching g-string and bra set, black and lacy. That’s 8 pieces of clothing – the shoes are a set, the stockings are not. And, for every edge you give me, I’ll take one piece off.

It’s Going to Get Harder

And I’m not talking about your prick! You have five minutes to get to the first edge – and you have to ride it for 10 seconds. Then I’ll take my shoes off, and then we’re going to stroke faster:

  • For the next edge, one stroke every two seconds, you have to edge in 4 minutes, and you’ll ride it for 20 seconds. Then I’ll take off a stocking.
  • Now stroke once a second, three minutes to edge, riding for 30 seconds, and you get another stocking.
  • Stroke twice a second, two minutes to edge, ride it for 40 seconds, and you get my blouse.
  • Stroke three times a second, one minute on the edge, ride it for 50 seconds, and I’ll be down to my panties, bra and garter.
  • For the rest of them, pound that pud as fast as you can, you’ll get 30 seconds to edge and you need to ride each for a minute, per item.

If you can’t get to the edge in the allotted amount of time, you’re denied. If you can’t hold back while you’re riding it, hands off your cock, you get a ruined orgasm. Worst of all, you don’t get to see me naked.

If you can hold out though, I’ll take over and give you a screaming, soul wrenching orgasm while you stare at my sexy, naked body! 😉

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