Tease yourself to amuse me…

Tease Yourself

You know what I think makes me an outstanding cocktease, pet? The fact that I don’t have to tease you. You’ll actually tease yourself for my amusement. I don’t have to touch you or do anything to you. I can just say the words – “Amuse me” – and you’ll go right to it. So, pet, AMUSE ME!

Stroke For Me

Is that how you tease yourself? Do you stroke that hard, throbbing cock until the pre-cum starts dripping from your head? I’ll bet that makes your hand just slide over it easier, and bringing you closer to the edge. No, you cannot cum. How is that teasing, if you just stroke and cum at that first orgasmic edge? No, my pet, you haven’t even begun to amuse me.

What Are You Going To Do?

Will you take that big black dildo and start sucking on it? Or maybe you put it on the floor and bounce up and down on it, while you keep stroking that prick. Humiliation does amuse me, and it makes it even hotter when you do it for yourself just to please me. Of course, you know your only chance to shoot that load is if I’m happy, don’t you? How many times have you edged? Is that rubber cock bumping up against your prostate just making you feel like you’re about to lose it? Well, I think I can be convinced to make you cum, but only if you do something very special for me. AS you jerk that cock, and you feel that jizz shooting up through it, I want you to catch it all in your hand. And then you know what I want you to do, don’t you? That’s right, be a good cum eater for me and slurp it all up!

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