Cum on Stroker, let’s play…

How Many Strokes Will You Get

My teases are usually long and drawn out for my pets. Long teases with lots of edging and orgasm denial. But this tease? This tease is going to be short, sweet and to the point. You see, I’ve long harbored this idea of getting my pets to cum on command. If I could get you to cum on command? Eventually, you wouldn’t be able to cum without my command, would you now? Imagine if I could stroke you for hours, without there being any chance of you having an…accident.

Hair Triggers

Now, most of you have hair triggers – you’re two pump chumps. I wonder though if performance anxiety will get the best of you. First off, will you be able to get it up? And then once you do, as I set your stroking limit, will you start to get anxious as you approach it, will you start thinking too much about whether or not you’re actually going to be able to complete your task?

You Have 50 Strokes

That’s right pet. 50 strokes to get off. That’s all you get. You can stroke however you wish. Long full strokes from the base to the tip, just around the head, maybe fondling your balls with your free hand. You can stroke as fast or as slow as you want. But you only get 50 of them. Imagine me counting down those last ten, and saying “Cum, pet!” when I get to that last one. And if you don’t get off? Well, you need to wait until tomorrow – and you can try it all over again.

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