Ms KayleePicking You Out Of The Crowd Is Simple

One of my favorite places to prick tease, is the pool! Easy to find that lucky man too. You know who you are! Quiet, trying to be discreet as you are surfing for those hot bodies. When I notice you staring at me, it’s going to be all over for you. My friends and I are sure to move our lounge chairs so that you will be directly in the line of that sublime view. Trying to hide the fact that you are peering at me will be of no use for you. It will fail. I will seductively suck on my straw as I sip a cool drink. Giving you a flirty wink, when I catch your eyes with mine, whispering to my friends.

I Will Own You In Minutes

Rolling over onto my belly I glance at you again, throwing a seductive smile. Then having my girlfriend rub baby oil all over my back, down the backs of my thighs, and my calves. Making sure that I spread my legs just enough that you watch her hands spreading the oil up and down the most inner parts of my sexy thighs. Almost touching my pussy. Returning the favor for my girl, slowly massaging in the oil, making her body glisten in the sun. My eyes grabbing your attention once again, I lick my lips and smack her ass just to watch you quiver. Trying to hide that raging hard cock with your beach towel.

Getting You To Follow Me Is A Breeze

Walking towards the bathroom, I motion for you to follow me in. Scurrying up behind me, I can practically feel you breathing me in! Once inside the single bathroom, I lock the door. I grab your hand and have you squeeze my perky breast. Telling you to pull off your bathing suit, I throw over top the stall. You take out that hungry beast and it stands at attention for your hot cocktease. I want you to stroke for me now. NOW!! Harder, faster…squeeze that dick of yours for me good! Obviously I am going to give you what you need, right??

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