Since one of my most recent blog posts was about tactile or touch type fetishes, I thought I would resurrect an old tease of mine that I’ve loved for years.  This one is fun and easy, at first.  All you need is something very soft and silky and long like a stocking or a pretty scarf.  For you sissies out there, this should be an easy task; I’m sure your lingerie drawers are full of them.  However, for the heterosexual non dressing chronic masturbator out there, this may prove to be a bit difficult.  It doesn’t matter to me how you acquire the scarf or stocking, just acquire it.  So, go get it NOW.

Now, that you have it in hand, I want you to get completely naked for me.  This exercise will require nothing but the scarf or stocking and your naked body.  No lube, no toys, no special devices.  Just you and that soft piece of silk or satin.  Are you ready?  Good.

Get on your bed on your knees, legs spread about shoulder length apart.  If you prefer, you may stand.  Now take that scarf or stocking or other piece of fabric and thread it through your legs so one end is behind you and the other in front of you.   Grasp the fabric in front with one hand, and the one in back with the other.  Now, slide it back and forth between your legs.  That’s it, nothing else.  Just close your eyes and slide it back and forth.  You may use your hips a bit and thrust if you like.  You can make the fabric come up over your cock and sort of stroke like this, but you must keep it between your legs and be sliding it from front to back.  I want you to continue this motion, being as creative with it as you can.  When you get to the point where you can’t stand it anymore, come back and listen to the rest of your instructions.

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