Most everyone has heard of The Dance of the 7 veils, arguably the most seductive choreography of all time. The story says that the dance was so sensual, and so mesmerizing, it made a King into a murderer and a holy man- headless. Of course I prefer my men with both heads intact, but imagine if we all had just 1/ 10th of that power to strip a man to emotional bare-bones, with a kinky mind and 7 silky props.

Mistress’ Twisted Topics

Enough of y’all ask me where I come up with new and twisted topics to write about. Many times it is my callers who spark an idea during a session. Just a word or two is all it takes to set my mind to warp drive. Not this time, this distortion you can blame on Ms Sloane. I would have never gotten lost in the internet, if she had not said – Hey Vivian – wana see my You Tube Channel?

An hour later, I’m watching videos of exotic ladies from every era, doing the dance of the undoing of John the Baptist – and wondering how I could pervert it even further – sans unhappy ending. We should ALL know by now that this MILF Mistress, adores a Happy Ending. I digress..

In Every Way – The Empress of Happy Endings

Instead of a beautiful Woman removing scarves, I thought – why not use something more readily available, especially for the tease slut on the run. The corner 7-11 has a selection of them, even if they are a bit dusty, but defiantly doable. Across the Big Pond, they would be called cheap as chips, and at that price, disposable. So let’s play a new sex game – The Dance of the Seven Stockings, and Mistress will test your resolve- not to jerk it like the wanker, you know you are.


You will need..

8 Pairs of Thigh High Stockings OR 4 Pairs of Pantyhose & Cut To Make 8

Get Ready..

Lay out your stockings within reach and get comfortable.

Put on some sexy music, lower the lights and listen.

Click The Banner & Let’s Dance

Listen to Ms Vivian

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