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Make sure you submit your report to teacher

So, your naughty lover assigns homework, and you groan, as usual.

But you’re not groaning because you dread completing your assignments, are you? Oh no. You’re groaning because her assignments are so stimulating.

And truly, you must be groaning because I have you on a regimen of orgasm denial.

It hurts so good, doesn’t it? You know I get all wet when you beg!

Take out your pencil, your paper, and your cock. Get ready to copy down your assignments!

Teacher needs to explain a few things to you.

You’ve done a terrible job of controlling that cock of yours. All day every day, tugging on it and shooting your wad. If you keep this up, you’ll never get anything done! Teacher is going to add cock control to her curriculum.

I am assigning a full 7 days of tease and denial for my chronic masturbator.

If you’re a very naughty boy, you’ll get the chastity cage on your dick. That’s right–be a good boy or you’ll find yourself suddenly cock locked and your weenie will be off limits altogether. I know you don’t want that, do you?

Or maybe you do! If a little bling on the ding sounds good to you, then check out my latest blog entry: Bling Bling For Your Ding Ding, or Chastity Cock Control.

First of all, you need a constant reminder who you belong to.

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I adore my ass slaves

How do we do that? Well, I introduce a healthy level of eroticism and humiliation by plugging your pussy.

You need to purchase a nice size anal plug (such as the Tantus Bronco) or another nice size plug that will stay in. You won’t be allowed to make a little squirt, but that plug will keep you nice and wet for me.

If you’ve never had your bottom stuffed for your mistress, you’re in for a treat!

It’s impossible not to feel submissive and humiliated when your ass is full of silicone at your mistress’ direction; you will be thinking of her all day long!

How long do you have to wear it? Depends on whether you’re a booty beginner or seasoned anal slut. My anal sluts must wear it all day for the duration of the exercise, removing it only at night. Booty beginners may begin wearing it for only an hour at a time, twice daily. In either case, don’t forget to reapply lube several times a day.

Secondly, you are to edge for 15 minutes three times a day.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner–I want you to stroke and practice your orgasm edging for 15 minutes. Don’t even think about going over the edge! If you do go off the edge, you will start the exercise all over again!

Won’t that suck if you get to day 6 and lose it? Seven more days of tease and denial!

Your final exam.

Teacher doesn’t assign homework for no reason; she wants you to pass your final exam!

Your examination will be held at a time mutually agreeable to you and teacher (click here for her schedule). You are to arrive on time and ready to give a full account of your assignment. If you please her, you will be given a good grade and you will be allowed to celebrate.

As with any celebration, you may expect a POP of the cock, er, cork.

Do not fret, your mistress is the designated driver, and she will steer you to your ultimate destination.

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