Ms TiaKeeping with theme on my blog this week, I decided we should try a different approach to your stroking.  This week we are going to experiment with tactile fetishes and the ways you can incorporate them into your masturbation sessions with or without a masturbation femdom to instruct you.  There are some items you will need, of course.  The shopping list is as follows: 2 or 3 pair of latex gloves (these can be the surgical kind or the kind you can purchase in a drug store fairly inexpensively), lubricant, a pair of fuzzy winter gloves (not the all weather type, just something fuzzy).

Warming up! Now, let’s begin your masturbation session. You must be completely naked for this to work.  First, I want you to put on the warm fuzzy gloves and I want you to relax completely, taking deep breaths and closing your eyes.  Concentrate on your breathing as you gently rub your fuzzy covered hands over your body.  Start by caressing your nipples and chest, even your neck.  Pay attention to the feeling of the gloves as they glide on your skin.  Take your time and enjoy the soft and fuzzy feeling as the gloves glide across your skin.  Notice how some areas start to really respond to the stimulus?  Good.

Time to masturbate now.  Take off the fuzzy gloves and put on TWO pair of latex gloves.  That’s right, two pair!  Get out the lube, and lube up your cock and balls with the lube.  Be very generous.  I want you to use the gloves and masturbate with the lube.  Notice how the fact that you can’t feel the skin of your hand on your cock almost makes it feel like someone else’s hand?  Yes, that’s the idea of this exercise.  You get to close your eyes and pretend that your beautiful femdom Mistress is masturbating your cock.  Keep stroking for me and see how many times you can get to the edge before you can’t resist the urge to cum any longer.  Listen to the audio for the rest of your instructions.

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