Ms. Alexandria Can Tease You For Hours

In my years as an Intelligent Cock Tease, I’d say I’ve learned my way around a dick or two. Go ahead, ask around the Enchantrix Empire , and I’m sure all of the strokers I’ve tormented over the years will certainly agree. Having control of your cock is something I revel in, and I take great pride in being able to tease you for hours on end. I can tease you with my hands, with my mouth, even with my feet. Mostly though, I tease you with my words.

Cockteasing Is Hot

It makes me so happy when I can keep you on edge for so long. And I get such enjoyment out of knowing you’ve given me control of your pleasure. Of course, my idea of pleasure may not be the same as yours. It might be my pleasure to deny you an orgasm, crush your dreams and ruin it …or, I may actually decide you’ve earned the right to cum. Even when I let you shoot that load though, the teasing isn’t over.

Teasing When You Least Expect It

Have you ever noticed how much more sensitive your cock head gets right after you cum? I have, and that gives me so many devious ideas on how to make that teasing, that torment just continue on after you think we’re done. I just grab hold of your shaft with one hand, and start rubbing over the top of your rod with the palm of the other one. Am I doing it because even though you beg me to stop, I know just how good it feels? OR am I doing it just to let you know how cruel a Mistress I can be? You may have your opinion…but really
– isn’t mine really the only one that matters?

Happy Masturbation May Strokers!

Much Love,

Mistress Alexandria

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