Teasing you pleases Ms CooperTeasing you pleases me, and I love to be pleased. I know you’re sitting there with your cock in your hand, stroking. Well it’s time to torment you and show you what TEASE and DENIAL is all about! Do you really think that it is that simple? LOL, well you would be wrong!!

I will use my body, my voice, and my words to make your cock jump and throb with excitement. So look at me as I slowly walk over to you, my stilettos clicking on the floor, my silky legs moving towards you, and all you can do is watch and listen, as I unbutton my blouse and expose my full, firm breasts and bullet hard nipples. Watch as I gently graze my long red nails across them, making my body twitch. Well look at your cock jump now! Oh, we have only begun our long dance of teasing and pleasing.

The look on your face says it all, your body is on high alert and your cock is out of control. So, take your hand off of it and just listen to me for a minute, as I guide you in to a nice little mutual masturbation scene. You, get to watch me rub my wet, hot pussy, that’s right, I said WATCH! Oh my, am I teasing you past the point of no return?. Trust me you will be OK, just listen as I bring myself to a nice hard, sexy orgasm, ummmmm that felt so good!

Now, start stroking that cock of yours again, as I take my finger with some of my sweet warm cum on it and gently place it in your mouth, taste me. Have you thoroughly been teased, because I have thoroughly been pleased. Now remove your hand from your cock, zip up, and get back to work!…..ummm did I do that? LOL

Listen to Ms Cooper

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